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2009 Apr 02

Why T.O. Is a Best Buy Kind of Guy


By HuskerLocker

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There are a small percentage of Husker football fans grumbling over the size of Bo Pelini's new contract, just one year after Pelini signed his first contract. These fans, while appreciating market force, still ask: Does it have to be that much?

A fair argument. But consider that NU can possibly to afford to pay Bo a little more because athletic director Tom Osborne is taking so much less.

How much less? Osborne's has the third-lowest salary among BCS Conference schools at $261,000. Only West Virginia and Mississippi State are lower. And neither of those schools remotely enjoy the overall sports profile - from football to women's sports to Olympic sports - that Nebraska does.

The Big 12 along is filled with fat cat athletic directors. Bloomberg did a study of their salaries earlier this year.

Check out the numbers:

School AD Yrs at School Teams Budget Base
Kansas Lew Perkins 6 18 $57.8M $900,000
Oklahoma Joe Castiglione 11 21 $73.6M $700,000
Texas A&M Bill Byrne 6 20 $69.1M $690,000
Texas DeLoss Dodds 27 20 $101.0M $627,109
Iowa State Jamie Pollard 4 18 $41.8M $378,560
Okla. State Mike Holder 4 18 $46.4M $377,396
Texas Tech Gerald Myers 13 17 $46.1M $365,000
Colorado Mike Bohn 4 16 $45.1M $297,709
Kansas St. Robert Krause 1 16 $42.0M $294,466
Missouri Mike Alden 11 20 $47.8M $287,375
Nebraska Tom Osborne 2 23 $75.2M $261,000

NU has the most teams, the second highest budget and the lowest athletic director salary.

Another reason to appreciate the return of Tom Osborne.

The highest paid AD, by the way, is Florida's Jeremy Foley at just under $1 million per year.

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Comments (3)

Profile image for DrNaumannLocker Pass member

One of your best blogs!!

– Apr 4, 2009 at 10:24 am

Profile image for huskermaniac28Locker Pass member

nobody should be grumbling about this pay raise. sure, its a lot, but based on what other big 12 coaches get, it really isnt that much. plus, considering the outstanding job pelini did with nebraska in his first year (seldom does a first year coach have a winning record and jan. 1 bowl appearance (and win) just one year after the team was basically in ruins from the previous coaching staff, especially with the overall lack of talent, particularly on defense, he had to work with), he is very deserving of his current salary. osborne's salary shows his genuineness and class, because he is more worried about his university than his own salary. not that $261,000 isnt enough for a 70 year old man, but he really demonstrates his character by accepting a low pay relative to the rest of the ADs at big universities.

– Apr 2, 2009 at 4:31 pm

Profile image for HuskerHawk

complaining about Pelini's pay, wow, Iowa States coach was making more than him. The way I see it - it was Osborne's call looking at the current market and trying to be fair. I think Pelini is of the calibur as Osborne, in being humble and down to earth , he could of went out and gotten an agent, think of what that would have cost.

– Apr 2, 2009 at 1:57 pm

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