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Just a group in support of all of Nebraska! Anything Huskers to anything on your mind! All is welcome! GBR!!!

Leader: huskerman21

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Sticky Sticky: Welcome to the forums! by huskerman21 3 459 Sep 18, 2008 by tony9235
The Current List of Blackshirts as of Dec. 29 by HuskerLocker 0 407 Dec 29, 2008 by HuskerLocker
Time to help fellow huskers by huskerman21 0 492 Sep 17, 2008 by huskerman21

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  1. 2008 Oct 14

    What's gonna happen with our "Blackshirts"?

    360 views | comment

    By huskerman21

    OK everybody, this is your chance tho let loose on your thoughts of our Blackshirts, what's gonna happen the rest of the year, are they even going to hand Blackshirts out this year, to what you see as progress. Here are a few of my thoughts, I love the effort and the no pointing fingers/blame...
  2. 2008 Sep 25

    What's gonna happen?

    349 views | 1 comment

    By huskerman21

    What do you predict? I think it's gonna be 37-20 Huskers!!!
  3. 2008 Sep 16


    405 views | comment

    By huskerman21

    Welcome everybody! Feel free to put any pictures, any comments, especially topics that will have difference of opinions (but remember we are all HUSKERS here). Any pictures from games, tailgates, house parties, anything you think is fun-post them! Remember this is not limited to just Nebraska, if...
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