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M – 22

Humble, Texas

Joined Feb 3, 2009

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I think he definitely deserves some time to turn this around, but who knows how long.

Two years is the max as far as I'm concerned.

Mike needs to do a better job recruiting in general and in recruiting players that want to play college baseball, that won't bolt for the first offer of a pro contract.

TWO YEARS MAX and if it ain't better got to go Mike! Needs to be in the mix for the Big 12 reg season title in 2011 to keep his job past that point.

I have NEVER ever agreed with Anderson's recruiting and/or offensive philosophy. Up until this year, Nebraska had established itself as a major player among the elite of college baseball yet Mike always felt compelled to recruit the over achievers, the guys that other major programs didn't want.

Go get some REAL, TALENTED baseball players who want to play college baseball Mike. The guys that want the college experience. They are out there Mike. Your job to get them and to make sure they will complete their eligibility.

– May 6, 2009 at 4:00 pm

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Home > Fans > huskermaniac28’s Locker