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About Husker Locker

The Focus

Husker Locker honors the sports tradition of the Huskers. By honoring the fans, Husker Locker seeks to become the ultimate spot for Husker fans worldwide.

Your own “locker” (or home page) is where you share your passion for the Huskers with other fans and become part of the experience we all know as Husker tradition. It is hard to describe, but we all have experienced the combination of loyalty, excitement, hope, joy, sadness, and togetherness that we know because we love the Huskers. You will experience unity of passion here at Husker Locker.

On Husker Locker, you can share photos, albums, stories, comments, participate in groups and forums, and more. Membership and use of the site is free, but you can further enhance your Husker Locker by purchasing a Locker Pass. Your Locker Pass will give you access to additional exclusive online content, invites in special private events, access to special deals at participating businesses, and more.

Husker Locker is not just a place for individual Husker fans. It is a place where Husker groups can create and maintain their own online place. And, anyone on Husker Locker can start a fan group where you can participate in discussion forums, share photos and videos, post events, and much more!

Husker Locker — Fans United.

Technical Jargon

We wanted to create an easier experience for our members at Husker Locker.com, which up until now meant reams of JavaScript, making pages inaccessible to screen readers, search engines, and anyone who disables JavaScript on their browser. Two focuses have emerged: Using "Web 2.0" techniques to give Husker Locker.com a slicker user interface, and creating a Web application in which AJAX and DHTML were a separate layer, instead of intimately intertwined.

huskerlocker.com was first designed as an old school web app -- full of links, and form buttons. The design of the site was completed after we had a fully functional application without JavaScript. When the visual skin was getting installed, we used JavaScript to intercept mouse clicks on already-working links to change the "every click reloads the page" experience to "common clicks update a piece of the page."

With Cascading Style Sheets providing the design and JavaScript providing easier functionality, we have separate layers to work with. Neither support for JavaScript nor Cascading Style Sheets is required to view content on huskerlocker.com, all though we have to admit, it's more fun with both enabled.

huskerlocker.com is a bold step into the "Web 2.0" arena. It's still a work in progress, and we believe we can create an animated, easy to use and fun Web experience without sacrificing Web accessibility.


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Other Credits

Some useful open-source stuff we've used, thanks guys!

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